shell gas gift cards are obviously used at the pump, whenever you want to fill your car tank with fuel. Using a gas gift card is very easy and does not require written instructions, unlike many other things like exercise equipment for example. However, if you have to use the card for the first time, you are bound to have a challenge. Its for this reason you may find it useful to follow the below list of steps:

1. Go to a Shell gas station

Obviously, you cannot use Shell gas gift cards at any other gas station but Shell. They were created by Shell and have to be used at Shell petrol stations.

2. Take into account the money value of the card to determine the amount of money available to fill your tank
In some cases, drivers do not want to fully fill their tank because they already have some remaing gas in the tank. In this situation, they may want to only increase the remaing amount or top-up. It is therefore important to know the value of gas you can top-up by using the card. Most gift cards are valued at $25 and this means that you can only add gas whose value is equivalent to this value, no more.

3. Use your gas gift card just like a credit or debit card.

In order to fill your tank, you need to swap the gift card into the electronic gas pump, just like you would do with a credit or debit card. Select the desired amount of money that you want to spend on this operation, or the number of liters that you want to purchase and then proceed to filling your tank.

4. Use your card at the cashier, in case the gas station does not has automatic gas dispenser pumps.
The cashier will allow you to use your gift card as an alternative method of paying for the gas you have filled.

I hope that these simple steps will go a long way to help you use the shell gift card.

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